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Business opportunity.

Q1. How to start my own businesses ?

Ans.You can start your own business with a little investment of Rs. 50,000/- to 1 lakh..

Q2. If need a store franchise ?

Ans. You need a place of 500 to 2000 sqft. And investment of 300,000 to 500,000/-

Q3. What are the profits.

Ans.Profits are from on some items from 10% to 30%

Q4. How will khalis organics will support you.

Ans. We will promote your name, address on your website, social media, print media.

Q5. Why khalis organics and not any other famous brand ?

Ans. 1). Khalis Organics is giving certified export quality on lesser price than all other organic brands, which gives customers confidence that they are buying the best on lower price.
2). Small and big business opportunities with high profits upto 30% ( no other brand gives)
3. A huge FMCG Organic Variety no other famous brand is offering
4). Khalis Organics has pledged 50% profit on youths education, medical, jobs, monthly ration, financial help to establish small businesses to earn their livelihood and live with pride and dignity.