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Why only few humans possess out of billions the power of Imagination and creativity ? #kaamaalskalm


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imagination to Creativity, the most powerful tool of mind only humans possess on planet earth, to think and create, if humans have not thought and created a Wheel, we may not be what we are today, whatever we see, use, apply, is from the creative breed of such humans, as we see around us from a pencil till Mars expedition it’s all about creativity, human mind first creates a thought and then from that little thought he evolves it further to make it a reality. To create

The whole process of Think the Thought and Create, is not very common with humans, only a few out of billions on planet earth has that capability of creativity, For instance facebook, a thought of connecting inter college students on the internet has made Facebook the world’s most connective tool for everyone to connect with people far and close..

Creativity is rare as we all know, But if you realise and explore the thought happening within YOU it has so much positive impact on yourself and people around you. The most positive effect for ourselves is we connect with our mind, soul and body. The realisation of all working in sync with each other, mostly missing today in our volcanic lifestyle.

Let me put it in a more practical way, do you like singing, sometime want create a painting ?

If you do then learn how to paint, join a workshop and learn the basics and put colors of thoughts to canvas and create, this will give you peace and connection to contentment, if like singing then why in the bathroom or when alone while driving the car.. learn more and put rhythm of mind in your voice …

Do you know why people sing when they are alone, Because they are completely with themselves and that’s the most important thought, hold on to it. When you are just with yourself, you try to do things which makes you happy and gives joy, these small but very effective moments brings you more close to yourself, to connect within.

And that’s what thought of creativity does to all..That is what we need to instill in our ourselves and encourage our Kids to take up today, no matter how successful they become, no matter how knowledgeable they are, no matter how intelligent they are, But if they don’t have a creative side they will never experience contentment, peace, satisfaction, love, appreciation, all this will only be experienced when you connect to your inner self.

We must realise ourselves to get in touch with our innerself and encourage our Kids for the same to connect within. This independence will give you happiness, joy, smile cheerfulness and will let you be a positive person. We all like to meet and be in the company of such positive human beings, let’s try to become one.. #kaamaalskalm

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