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Khalis Organics, the name itself specifies everything. 'Khalis' is an urdu word, which means pure. 'Khalis organics' literally translates to Pure Organics. Khalis Organics has been started after an extensive research of 18 months regarding the different qualities available, places of actual produce, certified farmers, pricing and the demand. Our aim is to provide everyone with organic produce, offering at the lowest rates possible, compared to other sellers.
We are is giving certified export quality on lesser price compared to other organic brands.


Organic food is much greater in nutrients and less harmful compared to non organic foods. Khalis Organics has the sole purpose of making organic food vastly available to the people. Our product prices, in comparison to other organic product sellers, are cheaper and competitive.
Organic produce has next to 0 harmful pesticides, compared to normal, non organic produce. Organic produce helps build a better health and environment.


Khalis organics is started with a deep purpose of helping the society. Our Founder Kamaaljeet singh, has a vision of doing good, through any and every means possible. Which is why, 50% of the profits earned from the sales of khalis organics will be utilized in creating jobs, providing education, monthly ration, medical help, financial help to those in need. Through Khalis organics, awareness of organic food is increasing, as organic food in itself is for the betterment of the people.

Our vision is to create a better world, helping each other.

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The amalgamation of Our Pure Khalis certified export quality products without chemicals and pesticides, Pure health products and your esteemed organizations, establishments with experience to retail will make this amazing range of Organic products reach to the maximum people with benefits of health.
You will gain profits but much more important than profits you will gain peace of mind as you are selling and retailing Khalis Organic products, which are a part of green earth initiative and health for all initiative.

Come along let's make our fellow humans healthy and Happy.