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Marham - NGO

'Enable the Disable'

साहिब, वो देते हैं ज़खम हर शक्स को बेहिसाब,

कमाल, हम बेहिसाब उनं ज़खमो को मरहम देते हैं 

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Marham is a self sustaining NGO, helping Children's financially and Supporting them with School and 
College Fees. Making People realise how important is to make their child educated and self reliant in their 
life. Encouraging People from all fields, Children of Domestic help, Drivers, Peons, Widows, Under Privileged.

Marham is the part of #khalisorganics
www.khalisorganics.in which provides 50% of its profit for the Kids education, Higher education, Monthly Ration to Needy families, Medical help, Mentoring & Guidance to youth for a better and happy life. 

All this is the vision of Our Founder & Group MD S. Kamaaljeet singh ji, He has been helping and doing sewa for Humanity since his childhood, May it be Riots effected Area of Muzaffarnagar, giving free food, blankets to all Hindu and Muslim Brothers, May it be Riots of Saharanpur, 
Helping Reestablishing the 70 Riot victims families By Cleaning there Burnt Shops, Plastering, Painting 
them Fully, Electric Appliances, Name Boards... Helping Kids with their school fees or college fees, 
encouraging people to do and think positive in life and help others.

Multiple Eco projects of Tree plantations at Bangla Sahib, Shaheed park and many more

In this Pandemic Covid-19, monthly ration, Medicine, school books, school fees, to hundreds of families. Helping to provide jobs to many.

Personal content.
Founder / Trustee

Kamaaljeet Singh is a complete family man belongs to a affluent Sikh buisness & writer's family of New Delhi, have a strong background with a humble approach towards society. Apart from being a writer, a businessman, a designer, a innovator, a social worker, he is spiritual and creates awareness on Green earth projects. 

His now endeavour is of Organics, which not only gives us a healthy life without chemicals, all daily use fmcg products are available at www.khalisorganics.in 
#khalisorganics provides 50% of its profit for the Kids education, Higher education, Monthly Ration to Needy families & school of Special children, Medical help, Guidance to young, Jobs placements with like minded people. 

He is the Founder and co founder of Khalis organics, Luxe Ayurveda, Seed Sow, Luxe Designs, Cafe Luxe, I.T.Energy, Blf infra, IXL.education, Marham (NGO), (blog) which are presented in different fields of work and social awareness, famous for bringing a positive change in mindsets of the youth and the society concerning the Woman empowerment, Social Recognition, Education and No-Dowry..

He strongly condemns the cases of child abduction, trafficking, dowry, riots, rape, molesting and does his bit of for the betterment for the victims. He urges and feels this must be stopped and and must be dealt with strong law and force.

In his own little way tries to bring positive change in the lives of others and keep on doing help without looking for recognition or applause or clicking pictures from his hard earned money he provides Monthly ration to few needy families with medical assistance, annual and monthly fees for school and higher studies students, helped re-establishing riot victims in Mujafarnagar and Saharanpur, doing green projects, planting tress, water harvesting and organic farming..

All is the result of the humble upbringing by his Parents Shri.Parkash Singh Kochhar ji (Father, a writer, poet himself) &  Smt. Ajeet Kaur Kochhar ji (mother, a very strong and lively human being), two elder Sisters, Inderjeet kaur Ghai, his wife and two kids are his pillars of strength and has always stood with him and Dr. Jasvinder kaur Bindra, they are his role models they taught him to be Strong, Kind, Humble, Honest, Helpful, Creative, Innovative and most important Sensitive towards Social causes. These qualities of his elders have Made Kamaaljeet Singh a humble Gentleman and a Proud Sikh which summed as the qualities of a Leader. 

Since his childhood he has been inclined towards Sewa (unconditional help) of others. Have been sharing his creative ideas with other NGO's without expecting any fame or recognition for himself.

His innovative endeavors have very strong shades of Humanitarianism, Philanthropy, Intellectual, Social Work, Woman empowerment, Child education, Green earth. 

A man with a heart of a Poet, Writer, Sufi Music lover, environmentalist, walking the Path of World teacher "Guru Nanak sahib ji and his teachings "Sarbat da Bhalla" (Good to all Mankind)