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Q. What does Organic mean?
Ans. Organic means natural and pure

Q.What does 'Khalis' mean?
Ans. Khalis means pure and pious.

Q. What is Khalis Organics?
Ans. Khalis Organics provides 100% certified organic products.

Q. Why buy Organic produce?
Ans. Non-Organic has Pesticides and chemicals which cause life-threatening diseases like Cancer, Skin Diseases, Immune System Diseases, Autism, ADHD, Cardio Vascular diseases, Hyperactivity, Learning Disability, Hormonal Imbalances.

Q5. How to adopt healthy lifestyle without diseases.
A5. Eat organic  buy  'Khalis Organics'

Q6. Why Khalis Organics when there are so many other organic brands?
A6. We provide as per government norms of certification,  4/5 year organic produce. Many claim they are providing organic but it still have chemicals as only by 4 th and 5th year the land becomes pure organic.

Q7. What should you do to give health to your family yourself?
A7. You must try Khalis Organics at home every day and recommend all near and dears you care for and help them adopt a healthy life.

Q8. What are the other qualities that differentiates khalis organics from other companies?
A8. 1). Khalis Organics is giving certified export quality on lesser price compared to other organic brands
2). Small and big business opportunities with high profits of 10% to 40% on sales  

Q9. How to contact Khalis organics?
A9. You can contact us through E-mail as well as Phone.